Sunday, October 14, 2018


Israel As God Intends

What would Israeli society look like if it were genuinely Israel?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


This is Ayelet Shaked. She's a member of one of Israel's most nutbag Fascist parties, Israel is Our Home.
She is currently the Minister of Justice under Netanyahu.
The video is before she got into gov't.
First she says something about power, which was cut off.
Then she says: I really hope that I'll be elected to the ruling power. I'll do what has to be done: shut down Facebook and Twitter. Until then, there's freedom of speech in Israel. That just the way it is [as if to say, she really doesn't like it].
Be very clear about this. She worked as a computer engineer. She doesn't just mean to block FB and Twitter in Israel. She means to shut them down. 

Monday, October 08, 2018

There Are Reason Why 
the Jews Were Chosen to Be the Keepers and Guardians of HaShem’s Torah

Everything you have every heard, seen or experienced - including what you are now reading and including your most cherished traditions and what you consider to be the highest wisdom, has arrived at your senses and your mind and emotions as garbled Hebrew.

All Human languages are Hebrew that was shattered as a result of actions that the Body never should have engaged in.
We inherit the merits and the sins of our Ancestors. That may not seem fair, but it gives us the opportunity to correct their deeds for them.

The only language that has all of the keys to the Kingdom of God intact and whole is Hebrew.

The Jews are the Keepers of those Keys. It is of no consequence if you like this or not, think it's fair or not, think we deserve this Station or not. It doesn't matter even if we agree with you on that. This is God's decision.

If there is Wisdom we do not share with you, matters we ask you not to try to touch with your minds shattered as they are by your languages, if we tell you not to touch that which you are not meant to - trust us that we are not engaging in a superiority trip, being mean or being stingy. We have no such petty sentiments.

We are keeping what is meant for you in trust accounts for you until you are ready to draw on them. You will not be allowed access to your trust accounts until such time as you are mature enough to use what is in them wisely and well.

If we ask you not to try to understand our Torah in your languages, if we tell you not to try to arrogate our Tradition, if we tell you that you do not yet possess the Holy Spirit which enlivens Hebrew and makes the letters become matter and Life itself - believe us. It will not help you to try to ape us. You can huff and puff on a few mispronounced Hebrew words or try to write Hebrew [incorrectly] - but it will avail you nothing but feeling inauthentic.

As I said, you will not be allowed access to your trust accounts until you are ready. Trying to take them by force as a result of curiosity or any desire for yourself, or even others, not commensurate with that level of Wisdom will extend that time that you are not ready indefinitely.
You will not be able to inherit that which you tried to steal. You can not be gifted the priceless jewels of Wisdom you think are already in your possession, when in fact all you have is a bauble or a counterfeit.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

 Very High Level Arrest in Israel
The reports did not say that the female accompanying Ephraim Neveh and trying to get into Israel without a passport was called in for questioning.
It may very well be that other very high level jurists, including the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked are going to be closely examined in this matter.
The Attorney General, Avichai Mendelblit, has recused himself from prosecuting this matter because he is close to Ephraim Naveh.
Ayelet Shaked, who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but is connected with most of Israel's attempt to control the internet is Ephraim Naveh's closest ally. She is a computer engineer. She also heads the Committee that chooses judges. And she's ultra-Right Wing. I mean more Right wing than any nice Jewish girl oughta be if you get my drift.
She put a black-out on this incident for a few days and many in Israel are asking why. Now Shaked is defending Naveh and calling public outcry a "witch hunt" . She said he is innocent until proven guilty. But he confessed *and* there must be witnesses as the airport, to wit: the person who was checking passports and his/her supervisors and the cameras. Everyone else who confesses is automatically guilty, even if evidence shows they are innocent.
This story is getting weirder by the hour.
Please also see my FB page. There you can see posts in the translation function. Ephraim Naveh is the man with the shaved head. Many Israeli male attorneys shave their heads. What's the message supposed to be?

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Anyone who speaks of Mashiach arriving, or returning, in the future is a scoundrel. 
Run! Their blindness is contagious.

If they were not a scoundrel, Mashiach would not be cloaked before them so as not to be seen.

This is part of the information that I sent most recently to The Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.
I have also asked them to have the RICO folks to look into what is happening here in Israel too.

To: The Department of State's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
       Trafficking in Persons [TIP]

The blogs, videos and posts of Israeli Political Prisoners Mother and Activist, Lori Shem Tov:

Human Rights Attorney, Zvi Zer

and Moti Leybel, founder of the Israel Coalition for Children and Family

are comprehensive compendiums of Who's Who is the world of Israeli Child Traffickers.

Some of their work has been taken of line.

There are literally tens of thousands of documents being held by the Office of the Israeli State Attorney, Shai Nitzan.

Lori Shem Tov, Attorney Zvi Zer and Moti Leybel named names. That is why they are in jail. They named crooked Social Workers, Policemen, Lawyers and Judges - the actual Traffickers, the Enablers and the Protectors.

Their documentation will tell you where to look. They have done your research for you. It is commonly known that American and Israeli Child Traffickers, their enablers and protectors work hand in hand.
Therefore, for their invaluable contribution to the welfare and safety of Children everywhere they are entitled to American intervention concerning their incarceration [Lori Shem Tov is still in jail, Zvi Zer and Moti Leybel were on house arrest last I heard] and they are entitled to your protection. They put themselves on the line not only for the Children in Israel, but for Children all over the world.

Lori Shem Tov, Zvi Zer and Moti Leybel are not the miscreants that the Israeli gov't is making them out to be. They are Israel's greatest Heroes, the Giants of this Generation.

The Israeli State Atty in the Nazareth District, Yael Katz, who is prosecuting my case has been singularly named in a documentary concerning the manipulation of forensic evidence.
She has also stated in court that the Office of the Israeli State Atty's Cyber Unit is working to limit the dissemination of information *internationally*. The Head State Attorney, who is personally overseeing the prosecuting my case is Shai Nitzan. Please investigate what their overweening concern with silencing people speaking out against Child Trafficking is.

Lori Shem Tov is in the infamous Neveh Tirza Prison.
See information and photos here:

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Urgent Request: 

This matters to you very personally because the Israeli cyber units are deeply involved in trying to shut up dissent ALL OVER THE WORLD, not only in Israel. 
WHO in HOMELAND SECURTITY and other American investigative bodies cooperated to imprison LORI SHEM TOV and why???

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


It is time to expose the truth. The court system, particularly in Jerusalem and Nazareth, is controlled by people who use the courts as temples of Human sacrifice.

Please watch this documentary and you'll know the terrible truth.
Tair Rada's murder was a either the act of a mad [likely female] youngster or a ritual sacrifice. But it gets worse: the Israeli court system, which is all about ritual sacrifice, went along with it, added their share to the ritual sacrifice and put an innocent man in jail.
One of the (ex) judges, Yitzchak Cohen, who sentenced Roman Zadarov, an innocent man, to life in prison for a murder experts say he did not commit; has been removed from the bench for gross sexual impropriety.
Cohen was a nominee for the Supreme Court.
It was very convenient for the State Attorney's Office to have a judge who would do whatever they said because they knew he was a pervert.
The youngster believed to be the murderer is said to have worked as and S&M prostitute. Did she have clients among the judges, state attorneys and police???
Roman Zadarov, forensically proven innocent was sentenced to life in jail.
Thus leaving the entire town of Katzrin traumatized and in shambles - and that was the purpose of the ritual - as much blood-letting as possible..

Prodigy Public Relations

Published on Feb 23, 2017

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"It was a cold December day in 2006 when 13-year-old Tair Rada was found dead inside a locked toilet stall at her school on the northern tip of Israel. A week later the police arrested Roman Zadorov, a Ukrainian Immigrant who had worked there as a temp, and eventually he confessed to the murder. But many still believe he is innocent, and have their own theories as to what happened that day. “Shadow of Truth” is a Rashomonlike exploration of this murder mystery, which raises serious questions regarding our justice system and its ability to reach the truth."

ברכות וחזוקים למשפחות ראדה וזדורוב

בבקשה תשתפו את הסרטון עם כל אחד היכול להתחזק ממנו ועם כל מעונין מתוך רצון טוב