Friday, March 12, 2010

List of Stateless Minorities in Europe

Next time a European, or anyone else for that matter, starts flapping their lips and wagging their fingers at the Israelis about the Palestinian situation, give them this.

The person who sent it to me wrote: In response to somebody's comment about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of indigenous ethnic and linguistic minorities in Europe who "do not" have a sovereign nation to call their own. I know that this list is only a fraction of the "stateless" societies in Europe.

Alsatian people (in Alsace-France)

Basque people (in France and Spain)

Breton people (in Brittany-France)... See More

Catalan people (in France and Spain)

Cornish people (in Cornwall-UK)

Corsican people (in Corsica)

Crimean Tatars (in Crimean Peninsula-Ukraine)

Faroese people (in Faroe Islands-Denmark)

Flemish people (in Flanders regions-Belgium, France, Netherlands)

Frisian people (in Frisian Islands-Netherlands and Germany)

Gagauz people (Gagauzia-Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Balkan Peninsula)

Gajal people (East Thrace-Turkey; Balkan Peninsula countries)

Galician people (in Galicia-Spain)

Gorani people (mainly in Kosovo; some in Albania and Macedonia)

Hutsul people (in Carpathian Mountains region-Ukraine)

Inuit people (in Greenland-Denmark)

Kashubian people (in Pomerelia-Poland)

Lipka Tatars (mainly in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland)

Livonian people (Livonian Coast-Latvia)

Manx people (in Isle of Man)

Occitan people (in Occitania-France, Italy, Monaco, Spain)

Pomak people/Slavic Bulgarian Muslims (in the Balkans)

Roma Gypsies (mainly in Eastern Europe)

Romansh people (in Switzerland)

Rusyn people (mainly in the Balkans and Eastern Europe)

Saami people (in Lapland-Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russian Fed.)

Samogitian people (Samogitia region-Lithuania)

Sardinian people (in Sardinia-Italy)

Scottish people (in Scotland-UK)

Seto people (in Setomaa region-Estonia and Pskov Oblast-Russian Fed.)

Sicilian people (in Sicily-Italy)

Sorb people (in Lusatia-Germany)

Torbeš people/Slavic Macedonian Muslims (in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia)

Vlachs (mainly in the Balkans)

Võros people (in Võrumaa region-Estonia)

Walloon people (in Wallonia-Belgium)

Welsh people (in Wales-UK)

and 160-300 ethnic groups in the Russian Federation

He also wrote: "It's very hypocritical for Europe to excoriate countries like Israel when Europeans are engaging in imperialism in their own backyards. If mainstream European society can't even allow the groups I just mentioned any kind of sovereignty, then why are they so desperate to seek sovereignty for people, like the Palestinians, who have NOTHING to do with them. I think the situation is something that Israelis and Palestinians need to work on together and Europe needs to take care of situations taking place in their own continent."

Shall we compile a list for "the Americas" ?