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They Are Legion - But So Are We

Satanism among the Jews is unlike any other form of Satanism and immeasurably more pernicious and powerful.

The Jews do not believe in Satan. They do not believe that there is a duality of Good and Evil at war with one another. They harbor no such reassuring illusion. Reality is far more dangerous and they know it. They know there is only One – and they know that that One can take either the form of Good or Evil – in accordance with the acts performed in the phenomenal worlds.

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things. – Yishayahu 45:7

The terrible reality is: God in Itself is neither Good nor Evil. It is what the Jews make of it. Those who are Good  have *chosen* to be Good. They know that there is no punishment in some afterlife if we are not Good. They know that the effects of Goodness are immediate in this world. They are dedicated to Goodness because that is Who they have freely chosen to be. Only those who are evil teach that if you don't do as they say you'll be eternally damned. So, you do as they say – and make this created world into Hell.
When a Jew performs evil acts and acts of idol worship (self worship as evil) and intentionally pervert God's Intentions in their interpretation of Torah, and does so in God's Name, they *become* Satan and God becomes Satan. They make God Satan. And, yes, the Jews have the Power to do this. Only the Jews have the power to do this because they are HaYehudim. Most do so unknowingly, having been inducted into what they genuinely believe are the Commandments of HaShem as Children by those they loved and trusted the most – who were, more likely than not, also dupes who were inducted and sincerely believe they are doing "the mitzvoth". But they are doing evil in HaShem's Name – and thus this world is indeed the progeny and creation of Satan. There are a few at the top of the pyramid who know exactly what they are doing. They not only have tremendous monetary and political power, they have the power to induct Jews, en masse, generation after generation, into evil because they are respected and revered. When someone who is evil is called a Tzaddik (righteous/saintly) it is a perversion of reality itself. Evil becomes Tzaddikut (righteousness). Lies become the Truth.

In every generation there have been a handful of Jews who have known the Truth and who have been good Sons of the Most High. But they were up against The Legion. They "fixed" what they could, but could not root out the evil. Being Sons, their Power was limited because they did not have the Power of Mother. The Hebrew word good is equal to the Hebrew word that means identical. The Righteous Jews are identical with God's Will. But, the Sons do not arrive at the highest levels – the level of Birth – The Brith.

Jewish Women, who do have the power to bring about HaBrit HaChadasha (The New Covenant) did not do so because they were taught that they had to learn Torah from the male rabbis. The rabbis presumed to teach the Mothers Torah! That is to say: the men taught the women what Supernal Pregnancy is! When one realizes how colossal the arrogance and presumption is, one's Head spins! And the Women, covered their Heads and submitted to this travesty – which is more astounding and horrifying still. That is what happens when Modesty is twisted to mean submission to evil.

Yeshu knew this and he believed that if he sacrificed himself he could root out the evil. But there is a contradiction in that. God, as the Supernal Mother, most certainly has no desire for the sacrifice of her Children – most especially not those who intentions are basically good, if misguided.

There is a Higher Way.

There is only one Power that can combat this. The power of the Mothers and their Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs)

HaBrit HaChadasha is a new INCEPTION. The Name Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) is equal to the Hebrew phrase I Am Pregnant. HaBrit HaChadasha is the Inception that will bring into a being an actual world that will resemble Sarah and Rivka, Leah and Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. Their Characteristics and their Wisdom will take on the shapes of actuality.

The Hebrew word Brit is equal to the Hebrew phrase Pregnant with A Daughter or Daughter is pregnant. They are One and the Same because the Daughter is Identical to the Mother. Mother and Daughter are the letter yud in HaShem's Most High Name. In fact, it appears get again as two Hey'in – showing the Two Who are One – Mother and Daughter

All of the Power in the Universe is the power of Birth. And this is why We, the Mothers, must unite. We have to understand the Most Holy Name is not God in and of Itself. That is the level we *pray* to, but it is in the uncreated real. The Most Holy Name of Four letters is the highest Manifestation of God that a World can endure. It is Wise Motherhood. We have to make ourselves like the Supernal Mother and attach our Hearts to the Holy Mothers in YisraEl. The Name YisraEl is equal to the Hebrew expression Your Mother.

Again, we PRAY to God the uncreated. But we make ourselves identical Daughters and good Sons of the Holy Mothers. The Mothers are on a level higher than their Husbands. Their voice is the highest Manifestation of God any world can endure. We must hear that gentle voice in the Colors of the Light.  The light is the expression of their Wisdom if we know how to interpret it.

And God said unto Abraham: 'Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; in all that Sarah saith unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall seed be called to thee. – Genesis 21:12

The English word Color is comprised of two Hebrew words. Kol is voice or sound. Or is light. The light expresses the will of the Mothers.  It is their Wisdom. Observe it and listen carefully.

Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs) must be mitigated with what is called Sekhel – Reason – the Ground of Being, the ground from which our Bodies are built. Unreasoned Compassion can be as destructive as unmitigated cruelty. Wisdom is Loving and Generous and Abiding, but it is not "emo". It is not foolishly sentimental.

We Mothers have to know what an Inception is not viable and threatens the lives of the healthy siblings. We have to let it fall. We must let it go. The decision to allow the evil to be aborted is the Sekhel (Reason) within Rachamim/Rechamim (Compassion/Wombs). We will bleed and we will cry and we will mourn. And if it our Will, our tears will water the conditions that will allow for the resurrection of those we had to allow to fall when the conditions of their healing in existence were not yet formed.

The time has come to stop calling Evil Good and stop brooding on sentimental hope.

We have to let the Evil fall because they are not only endangering our Good and healthy progeny – they intend to infect the Supernal Womb itself such that no good and pure progeny will be born any longer.

We have the power of all that births Life and all of the truly righteous *from every generation* with us. Every Mother, of every species, in every generation, in ever time, in every place who wanted Health and Joy and Peace for her Progeny are with us.
We are legion.

Hebrew proofs below.

אנחנו המון

המון = 751 = השמות = המקום

אני = 61 = אנו כל בית ישראל = 1060
= 61 = נוה = הנאה = לבטח בי
= משכן

אני המון = 812 = רבים = בנימין
= ימין אליהו = ימין ישעיהו בן אמוץ
= 2810 = 812 = חזק ואמץ בזמן
= חזק ואמץ במקראות = 1811 = 812

אנחנו = 115 = הנני = עליה
= עמה = חזק

אנחנו המון = 866 = סוף = ונתתי = כרצונך

המונים = 711 = אין = העולם = אשתי
= אדון = הון

אני המונים = 772 = שבעת
= ברחמי כל אמהותי = הויה המלכה מדברת
= הויה אלהים המלכה = הויה אלהים מיכל

אנחנו המונים = 826 = אם ובת עליום
= 1825 = 826 = הויה השופטת

י = 10 = ה + ה = אם ובת = 1009 = 10

הויה = 26 = אם כל בית ישראל הקדושה
= 2024 = בת ברית האתיקה הקדושה
= כל בית ישראל יחד = 1205 = 26

אלהים = 646 = אלה האדם = אלה עמך
= לדורות = אם היהודיה = היהודיה אם
= מדברת

ברית = 612 = הרה בת = בת הרה
= שרה אמנו אם ובת = 1611 = 612
= העתיקה הקדושה אם = אם העתיקה הקדושה

חדשה = 317 = רבקה אם ובת = 1316 = 317
= קרן אבישג = דבורה המלכה = שר עליון
= דעה רחל

ישראל = 541 = אמך = מהמלכות
= עין ימין = 1540 = 541 = עשית דמיון
= עין ברחמיך = עשית ברחמיך
= המצות

שכל = 350 = עפר = זרע נביאי
= כל הפריה

כל שכל = 400 = ת = הנשמה = כל ספרי
= כל עפר = זרע כל נביאי = עזר כל נביאי

בן = 702 = בן = בת מכל דור = שבת
= כל הפריה בשכל

חכמה = 73 = גמל = הנביאה = כח היהודיה
= יחוד היהודיה

חיי שרה = 533 = כח שרה = לשגר = של גר

אור = 207 = דבר העתיק הקדוש
= אנחנו פה כל ספר התורה

טוב = 17 = הזה = ההוא = זהה
= אהיה אשר = ישראל דעת העתיק הקדוש
= 2015 = 17 = ישראל עדת העתיק הקדוש
= ישראל חכמות העתיק הקדוש
= ישראל קרן חכמות

The Connection Between Compassion
and Birth

One of the major hurtles we have to overcome if we are to arrive at the higher levels of Morality from which spring the higher levels of Awareness is the belief that the world, as it presents itself to us, is a given and we cannot change the way things just happen to be.

We have to believe we can change the World if we grow Morally.

Higher consciousness is not the result of intellectual exercises or reading many books or watching endless videos that proffer ideas about the nature of our world. Higher consciousness is the necessary product, and the gift, of growing Morally.

Most of us believe that the reproductive processes are givens, that they just happen to be that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women are intended to have full control over their reproductive processes as a matter of will – not intervention. In a world in which there are Women who possess this ability, so the females of all the species come to birth on a much higher level as well.

We live in a world in which Compassion and Birth seems to be tangentially related, if at all.
In fact they are one and the same.

The Hebrew word Rachamim in Compassion. The Hebrew word Rechem means Womb. It is an anagram for the Hebrew words Machar – which means tomorrow and chomer, which means material. The Hebrew word Rechamim is the plural of Rechem. It's spelling is identical to that of Rachamim (Compassion). It's punctuation is very similar. Rechamim, meaning wombs, is an anagram for macharim – meaning tomorrows and chomerim, meaning materials.

What happens when we separate Rachamim (Compassion) from Rechamim (Wombs)?
Well, birth does not stop, but it occurs on a much lower level of Compassion. The material conditions into which the newborns are born are low levels of material well-being. Their tomorrows are unsure and unpredictable.

The worst effect of separating Rachamim (Compassion) and Rechamim (Wombs) is that Women, as well as the females of every species on the planet lose control over the conceptions. They become pregnant as a physiological response, whether they wish to or not, and then they give birth into corrupted material conditions and uncertain futures.

The Hebrew word for The Land, HaAretz is equal in value to the word beytzah – which means ovum or egg.

The matter of the Nephilim is greatly misunderstood. In the book of Genesis, the name Nephilim is spelled with only one letter vav. What is actually written there is Nephalim. Nephalim are those who have been miscarried. They fell not from the sky, but from the Supernal Womb.
"The Nephalim were in the Land in those days" does not mean that they were Nephalim when they were on the Land. It means that they are Nephalim now. They were not Nephalim when they were in the Land because The Land is the Supernal Womb. Now that they have been aborted, they are Nephalim. They were aborted because they did not live in Compassion and so were driven out of The Land – the Supernal Womb, Rechamim.

Where did the Nephalim fall to? Right here – the state of being in which Babies and newborn animals are born in distress into distress – into a world in which Compassion is at a precious minimum.

We are not supposed to fall out of a Womb downward or be expelled from a Womb when we are born. We are actually supposed to be elevated to a higher level of the Supernal Womb-Mind.

The development of Rachamim (Compassion) not only serves as the basis of the development of a world that is fit for living beings to be born into, the same self-discipline that is needed to intentionally develop one's Compassion also is the Wisdom of the process of Conception, Incubation and Birth itself. As we become the Masters of our Hearts, we become the Masters of our Wombs. We conceive in accordance with our Will, when we Will and our progeny are born into the most favorable of conditions when they are born.

Please see the Hebrew below.


ברחם אלהים

אלהים = 646 = כתר הויה = הויה יורדת
= אם היהודיה = היהודיה אם
= מדברת = לדורות  = אלה האדם
= עולמך = אשר עלמה

ישראל = 541 = אמך = אליך
= חג לך = הקולת = מהמלכות
= להעלות = עשית ברחמיך
= 1540 = 541 = עין ברחמיך
= עין ימין = עשית דמיון

הארץ = 1106 = 107 = ביצה = הוא* הנולד
= הוא* נולדה

אפשר לנקד את המילה הוא: הוּא או הוִא

רחם = 808 = אברהם = ברא אדם
= שכל בנות = נחת עפר

ברחם אלהים = 1456 = 457 = אתנו
= כל אות = האמהות

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What is Halakha L'Ma'aseh?

If you've been learning Torah for even a short time, you most likely have heard the expression Halakhah L'Ma'aseh. That expression is usually translated as the practical application of at Torah Law – which it is.
But it is also renderedas the practical application of Torah Law as interpreted by the Rabbis. We are expected to accept that given.  And that, boys and girls, it is not necessarily.

Let's look at what Halakha L'Ma'aseh really is.

First the term Halakha, which is derived from the root meaning to walk, is equal to the value 60,and is an anagram for the word HaCalah – which means the Bride.

The word L'Ma'aseh is equal to the value 445. That is the value of the word tamah – which means the perfect one in the feminine singular.

So, Halakhah L'Ma'aseh means the perfect Bride.

Any Rabbi who thinks he is the perfect Bride has, well, some issues.

Who might that perfect Bride be? Well, lets add the values 60 and 445 together and see what we get. Wait. Still counting on my fingers….It's 505! That is the value of the Name Sarah.

So, Sarah *is* Halakha L'Ma'aseh – the perfect Bride.

What other words and expressions equal the Name Sarah and Halakah L'Ma'aseh and the perfect Bride? The term Chokmat HaLev, meaning the Wisdom of the Heart is also equal to 505. So, now we know that Torah Law must be interpreted with Wisdom of the Heart. (The word Wisdom contains the word
מח, meaning brain in it. Not to worry. We do not disengage the Brain when we proceed from Wisdom of the Heart.)

There is another expression that equals 1504, which is gematria is the same as 505 because aleph is equal to both 1 and 1000. That expression is: HaChukim HaEliyonim – meaning the Most High Laws.

How many Rabbis have approached the level of the Wisdom of Sarah? The answer is: None. Men do not get to that level. Only Women can begin to approach is. This is the problem with Rabbinic interpretation. The Rabbis do not know their proper place. They have attempted to arrogate the realms of the Wisdom of Women. This is why the world is in the shambles that it is.

The Throne is the Wisdom of Women. That is the Throne that must be re-established.

I'll give the proofs below, because that is the way that people who learn real Torah roll. They show the Hebrew proofs – not try to cower you with authority and threats of punishment.

 What is Shabbat and How Does Shabbat Relate to the Gentiles?

As with all matters in Torah, in order to understand what is written we must engage both our Reason and our Compassion and have them not only in balance – but have the one contained mutually, the one within the other. This is the correct understanding of HaShem creating male and female. All creation must have Compassion contained in Reason and Reason contained in Compassion mutually. Birth, Creation and Understanding are one and the same.

In order to understand what Shabbat is, it is necessary to understand what time is.
Time is not an abstract concept. The Hebrew word for time is z'man. That is the very same root that the Hebrew word to invite or to summon derives from. Time is those whom we have invited or summoned to be present with us.

What is a 'day'? Well, we already understand that it cannot be an abstract concept. The Hebrew word for day is equal to the value of 616.  This is the same value as the Hebrew words and terms: the Torah, generations and You are the pregnant one. When we understand that 'day' and 'generations' are one and the same, we understand that the Creation is very ancient – and very new, at once and all silly questions about how old the Creation is no longer entertain the mind.

Shabbat is equal to the value 702. This is the same value as the Hebrew word Ben – which means Son. It is also equal to the expression: Daughter from every generation. It is also equal to the root to bless. Shabbat, Son, Daughter of every generation and bless are also equal to the Hebrew word for 'the lands'.

The Hebrew word for 'extant reality'  is equal to 552, which is the value of the Hebrew word for your Son. It is equal to the expressions: all flesh,  everything within You and he has relayed everything.

Reality, then, is God's progeny. If we get to a high enough level of Compassion within Reason and Reason with Compassion we are assumed into the God Head-Womb and – reality becomes Our progeny.

The Name Chava (Eve) is equal to 19, which is the value of the Hebrew word Goy, which means a People. It is also equal to the value of the Hebrew words and expression: my Brother, my Brothers, unity, unification and meditative learning (in the sense of learning Torah).

The Name Noach is equal to 58, which is the value of the expression His Son it would also be equal to the expression the joy of Her Daughter and also the fund of Her Daughter.

Keeping the Shabbat, then, is guarding over all of the Peoples, all of the lands and every creature that is in them as our own issue – because that is what they are.

Those people who do not love Humanity as a Father and as a Mother, those who do not see all the Peoples and every being that dwells and exists in every Land as their own progeny and do not protect them as their Children are not keeping Shabbat at all.

When we love all Peoples and all Creatures as our Children, there is Repose and Peace in the Creation and in our Hearts. We no longer labor we have expressed our deepest Love. That means we have given birth fully to the Creation. So, there is no more need of labor. We only experience the pangs of labor until we have expressed our Love for the Creation, which is our Child, fully. After birth, we engage with and play in the Creation - the raising of or Child and caring for our Child. To care for is the Hebrew word Shmirah – which is the same word usually translated as "keeping" Shabbat.
This is Shabbat.

Okey dokey, then.

Got that so far?

We've seen that the Hebrew word for Son and the Hebrew expression Daughter of Every Generation are One and The Same.

The Hebrew word for Father is Av, equalling three - the letter gimmel. The Hebrew word Bitam, meaning Their Daughter, is equal to 1002, which is One and The Same as 3. Aleph equals both one and one thousand. So 3 and 1002 and 2001 are One and The Same. It is also the expressions At Am - You Are Mother and With Mother. Father and Mother and their Daughter are identical. And we have seen that Ben (Son) is equal to Bat (Daughter) from every generation.

The Hebrew word for The Father is Ha'Av. It is equal to 8, the letter chet.

There are expressions that equal 1007 in Hebrew. Remember aleph is equal to one and one thousand. So 8 and 1007 are One and The Same. Those expressions is At Em - meaning You Are The Mother and With The Mother and The Daughter Connection and the Daughter of Adam.

So, Ha'Av - the Father - is One and the Same as You Are Mother and With Mother and The Daughter Connection.

Now we can understand the teaching that the Son and the Father are One and The Same correctly.

The Mother, The Father, The Son, The Daughter are One. And that means Y-O-U.

If we're going to go full tilt boogey Mashiach Consciousness - let's do it right this time.

The Hebrew proofs are written below in the two last Hebrew proofs. When someone who understands Torah correctly and deeply relays matters in Torah, they give the Hebrew proofs for their interpretations. You should demand that anyone who teaches you Torah do the same. If someone teaching you Torah cannot provide the Hebrew proof for that which they claim, they do not understand Torah deeply enough to teach it. It is not enough to say: I have heard from my Teachers. One must prove that they have heard and understood. If they understood, they know the Hebrew proof themselves willingly and happily provide it.


אחוד האם באב הבת והבן (תקון מדין)

אחוד = 19 = חוה

בן = 702 = בת מכל דור

אב = 3 = ג = בא = בתם = 1002 = 3
=  את אם

האב = 8 = ח = באה = הבא = בת אדם
= 1007 =  8 = קשר הבת = את האם

אחוד האם האב הבת והבן = 1753 = 754 = מדין
 = שבת אליהו = שבת ישעיהו בן אמוץ = 2752 = 754


מה זאת שמירת שבת?

כדי להבין מה זאת שמירת השבת, אנחנו צריכים לדעת מה זאת שבת.

עלינו לדעת כי זמן אינו מושג מופשט, אלא המוזמנים לחיות אתנו. אז, שבת אינו מושג מופשט בזמן מופשט, אלא המזמנים לעשות שבת אתנו ממש.

זמן = 747 = מקראות = להבין = הויה כאן

הויה = 26 = אם כל בית ישראל הקדושה
= 2024 = 26 = בת ברית העתיקה קדושה
= בת ברית א"י = 1025 = 26

אלהים = 646 = כתר הויה = אם היהודיה
= היהודיה אם = לדורות = מדברת
= ראה לדות = אלה האדם = אלה עמך

שבת = 702 = בן = בת מכל דור
= הארצות = ברך
= אתם נולדים = 1701 = 702 = קראת עלץ

השבת = 707 = זן = און = הבת מכל דור
= הבן = בהן = הארצות

לשבת = 732 = לברך = יהיה בן
=  הוא כל עם

הגן = 708 = חן = אזן = האוצרות
= עלץ השבת

אדם = 605 = השש = אם אשר בשר
= 1604 = 605 = קרן עץ החיים = 2603
= 605 = עלץ לב אם משלם

חוה = 19 = הוגה = גוי = אחוד =אחי

בן חוה = 721 = כאן = בת חוה מכל דור
= גוי הארצות

המציאות = 552 = בנך

יום = 616 = התורה = דורות = את ההרה

זכור = 233 = רגל = לברא = יהי אור

שמור = 546 = רשמו = אשמרה
= אלהיך = אהליך = מעלץ שרה
= 1545 = 546 = מעלץ חכמת הלב
= מקרן חכמת הלב
= חכמת הלב מעתיק הקדוש
= אשר היהודיה

ענג = 123 = כל חכמה = אדמה חכמה
= כל נביאי

כי פי = 120 = צל = כמני
= מועד = עומד = עמי
= אליהו הנביא = ישעיהו בן אמוץ הנביא
= 2118 = 120

כי פי הויה = 146 = המצוה = קולי

כי פי הויה מדבר = 352 =  נשב = משיב
= כל שב = דבר המצוה = ראה המצוה
= יקיר לב = דבר קולי = ראה קולי

השבת היא הארצות וכל היושבים בהן. על היהודים לדעת כי כל יושבי התבל הם בנינו ובנותינו ועלינו לאהובם בכל מאדנו. עלינו לשמור עליהם כאוצרות הכי יקרים. זאת המצוה.
על כל יהודי לאהוב את כל גויי הארצות כאב ועל כל יהודיה לאהוב את כל גויי הארצות כאם. זאת שמירת השבת.

יהודי הלא אוהב את הגויים ואינו שומר עליהם ועל ארצותיהם אינו שומר שבת כלל. יהודיה הלא אוהבת את גויי הארצות בכל מאדה כושלת כאם.

עתה אנחנו יכולים להבין את הפסוקים הבאים נכונה.

וַיִּקַּח יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהִים, אֶת-הָאָדָם; וַיַּנִּחֵהוּ בְגַן-עֵדֶן, לְעָבְדָהּ וּלְשָׁמְרָהּ – בראשית ב: ט"ו

זָכוֹר אֶת יוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת לְקַדְּשׁוֹ – שמות כ:ז

שָׁמוֹר אֶת יוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת לְקַדְּשׁוֹ כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוְּךָ יְה
ֹוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ - דברים ה י"א

אִם-תָּשִׁיב מִשַּׁבָּת רַגְלֶךָ, עֲשׂוֹת חֲפָצֶךָ בְּיוֹם קָדְשִׁי
; וְקָרָאתָ לַשַּׁבָּת עֹנֶג, לִקְדוֹשׁ יְהוָה מְכֻבָּד, וְכִבַּדְתּוֹ מֵעֲשׂוֹת דְּרָכֶיךָ, מִמְּצוֹא חֶפְצְךָ וְדַבֵּר דָּבָר. אָז, תִּתְעַנַּג עַל-יְהוָה, וְהִרְכַּבְתִּיךָ, עַל-במותי (בָּמֳתֵי) אָרֶץ; וְהַאֲכַלְתִּיךָ, נַחֲלַת יַעֲקֹב אָבִיךָ--כִּי פִּי יְהֹוָה, דִּבֵּר – ישעיהו הנביא נ"ח: י"ג-י"ד

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


אדם צהב כחל  = בן נח

וְכָל הָעָם רֹאִים אֶת הַקּוֹלֹת וְאֶת הַלַּפִּידִם וְאֵת קוֹל הַשֹּׁפָר וְאֶת הָהָר עָשֵׁן וַיַּרְא הָעָם וַיָּנֻעוּ וַיַּעַמְדוּ מֵרָחֹק

צבע = 162 = עצב = הנקבה = קול הויה

= יודע חסד = יודע כנסת ישראל = 1161 = 162

הקולת = 541 = ישראל = אמך = עין ימין

אדם = 605 = ששה = אם בל בית ישראל

= 1604 = 605 = קרן עץ החיים = 2603 = 605

=  קרן לב אם משלם = לב אם תם משלם

צהב = 97 = אמנו

כחל = 58 = נח = בנו

אדם צהב  = 702 = בן = שבת

=  בת מכל דור = אדם אמנו

 = צורות = הארצות

אדם צהב כחל = 760 = עצם = עצרת

=  דמיון = ימין = בן נח = בת נח מכל דור

מרחק = 348 = שמח

It is Time to Tell the Truth about the Rabbis
Any rabbi who doesn't feel that something is wrong with what they are "learning" from the Talmud is not Israel. A true Daughter or Son of our Holy Mothers and Fathers can sense avodah zarah because we have inherited an aversion to it and imperviousness to it from them, no matter how it's dished up and no matter by whom - no matter how brilliant, convincing, charismatic or powerful they are.
The rabbis sat in Babylon - the very eponym of degeneracy, even when they were able to return to Israel. They preferred degenerate Babylon and thought they were intellectually superior to, and more sophisticated than, the Jews in Jerusalem.
They were centered in a place called Pumbditha (
פום בדית). Pum is mouth in Aramaic. Bedita means made up in Hebrew. They literally made up a new religion, preserving some elements of the true Tradition as a fig leaf and as insurance that they wouldn't completely go to hell and be lost forever.
The rabbis are the Eruv Rav. That is why they insist on being called Rav. It sounds like they're self-aggrandizing calling themselves "great", but behind that is their true identity - the Eruv Rav – the excrescence, the parasitic hangers-on.
The rabbis are heretics who rebelled against the true and ancient way. They made up their own fake religion.

They instituted Prozbul in contradiction of Torah and ever since the rich have free reign to trample on the poor. Prozbul literally means the enactment of the rich (Baal). The rabbis are the priests of Baal and we know what the Prophets have to say about that.

Torah is not a book of ceremonies. It is the Book of Life.
The rabbis engage in all kinds of idol worship and meaningless ceremonies instead of living true Torah.
The rabbis led us into exile after a horrific war with the Romans by declaring that bar Kokhvah was Mashiach. This was out and out idol worship. What kind of a Jew has a name like Son of a Star and what kind of a Jew would proclaim a ruffian Mashiach?

It was the rabbinic heresy in regard to Mashiach that spawned Christianity. Later, the rabbis' misogyny, unnecessary extremes and mixing religion with hatred spawned Islam.
The kabbalah that the rabbis teach is not the true Kabbalah. It is based on Gnosticism, is an aggrandizement of their weird ceremonies that they made up in the maw of Babylon, the pit of degeneracy, which their mouths made up in Pumbditha and their own imaginations on fire.
Their era of mayhem and wreaking destruction on the Jewish People and on the world is coming to an end. Jews are snapping out of the rabbinic trance. Their threats, arrogance and brainwash doesn't wash anymore. They are coming more and more to be taken as a sick joke.
Torah is also the Book of Yichusim - which means one's Heritage back to our very origin.
If the Rabbis are unable to find their Yichusim in Torah - which most of them cannot because they have lost the Tradition of knowing how to read Torah that way - they will not be included in She'arit YisraEl and will be permanently banished from our Inheritance.
Rabbinical heresy is a lie at base an insurrection against HaShem and a presumption of the arrogation of the gentle authority of all of our Holy Mothers, Fathers and Prophets - which is based on their impeccable Wisdom and their endless Love, not raw power, brute force or the worship of money. Thank God their horrors are coming to an end. They have brought enough misery on my People.


חכמת הלב ושכל = בית המקדש

חכמת לב = 500 = ך = שר = על כל שכל
=  שכל על כל = עפר אדמה המלכה
 = עפר אדמה מיכל = נולדתי = יודע קדשו
=  קדשו מוליד = מוליד שמי השמים בארץ
 = 2498 = 500 = עלץ בת אמנו = 1499
= 500 =  את גופי = אנכי ישעיהו חי
=  אנכי ישעיהו בהוה

שרה = 505 = חכמת הלב = חכמת לשון
= 1504 = 505 =  הלכה למעשה
=  החקים העליונים

שכל = 350 = שמי = עפר = ספרי
 = משבח = זער נביאי = עזר הנביאה

השכל = 355 = מחשבה = המשבח
 = שנה = פרעה = העפר

חכמת לב ושכל = 856 = כל ציון
=  כל משכילות = אדמתנו עפרה

חכמת הלב ושכל = 861 = ראש השנה
=  אשר נשי = ראש המחשבה = האשר השכל
 = אשרה השכל = בית המקדש = המקדש בתי
=  תדלי בתי = ילדת בתי

ציון = 806 = דרך ארץ = 1805 = 806
 = משכילות

חכמת הלב והשכל = 866 = סוף
=  ציון עולם גשמי = 1865 = 866
=  ציון עולם שמחה = משכילות עולם שמחה
 = משכילות עולם גשמי = דרך ארץ עולם גשמי
= 2864 = 866 =  דרך ארץ עולם שמחה

סוף דבר = 1072 = 73 = גמל = עג
 = חכמה = הנביאה = נביאי

האומר כי בית המקדש אינו עומד על כנו, מעיד בכך כי אין לו חכמת הלב ואינו יודע כי כל עפר הארץ הוא-הוא שכל. לכן, הוא לא נוהג בדרך ארץ. עיניו אינן בראשו, ראשו אינו על כתפיו ורגליו אינן דורכות על אדמת קדש. הוא אינו יודע הלכה למעשה כי אין בלבו חכמה וזאת טפשות, ואף סכנה ממשית, ללמוד תורה ממנו.

Monday, May 22, 2017


הויה היא אם ובת

י = 10 = אם ובת = 1009 = 10

יא = 11 = וה = העתיקה הקדושה = 1010 = 11

הוה = 16 = היא

גלגול = 72 = חסד = כנסת ישראל
= 1071 = 72

בת = 402 = מרכא כפולה = גלגול של

בית = 412 = בתי = גלגול שלי

הויה = 26 = היא אם ובת = 1025 = 26
 = אם כל בית ישראל הקדושה
= 2024 = 26
 = בת ברית העתיקה הקדושה
 = כל בית ישראל יחד

הויה היא אם ובת = 1051 = 52
=  הויה הויה
=  אליהו = ישעיהו בן אמוץ = 2050
 = 52 = הויה כל בית ישראל יחד
 = הויה אם כל בית ישראל הקדושה

אלהים = 646 = כתר הויה = מדברת
=  היהודיה אם
= יהודיה עתק אם ובת הויה
= 1645 = 646

האלהים = 651 = כל אם
= היהודיה עתק אם ובת הויה
= 1650 = 651

זאת האמת שהרבנים הסתירו.

יהודיה = 40 = גואל = גא אל = הויה הגו
= יד הויה

היהודיה = 45 = מה = מאד = חוה הויה
 = הויה הוגה

אמת = 441 = היהודיות

האמת = 446 = היהודיות

מלך = 570 = עתק

עתק של הויה = 926 = שם הויה = ההריון

המשיח = 363 = חדוש היהודיה = שיח היהודיה

בראשית = אשרי בת = זאת שרה

הויה שם היהודיה - כל יהודיה. הרבנים מרדו באלהי ישראל כי בקשו לשלוט. עלינו לחזור את דת משה המקורית.

משה = 345 = אל שדי = שליה = היהודיה מכל דור

Thursday, May 18, 2017


ספר היחושים

בתורה המילה המילה "יחס" מאויתת יחש.

ספר = 340 = זרע נביא = אני בזרע
 = בני זרע העתיק הקדוש = 1339 = 340
 = זרע חנה = עזר חנה = נביאה הויה מדבר
 = הנביא הויה מדבר = כל חכמה דבורה
 = ענג דבורה = כל חכמה דבר העתיקה הקדושה

הספר = 345 = משה

יחושים = 934 = אשה חיים = זכרת קרן אשה
= 1933 = 934 = קרן זכרון

היחושים = 939 = הברית החדשה
=  קרן הזכרון = 1938 = 939
= הזכרון העתיק הקדוש

נביא = 63 = בני העתיק הקדוש = 1062
= 63 =  חנה

חנה הנביאה = 136 = קול = חזקיהו
 = ממנו = עולל

יחוש משה = 669 = ספר היחוש
= אם כל חי

ספר היחושים = 1279 = 280 = יער = עיר
 = ספר הברית החדשה = הברית החדשה זרע נביא
 = הרה הבת החדשה זרע נביא
 = הרה הבת החדשה זרע חנה
 = רזי נביא = נביא דבורה = דבורה ובנה
= רזי חנה =  חנה דבורה

דוד = 14 = יד = הגו = בת תורה
= 1013 = 14 =   את הרה בת

עיר דוד = 294 = ספר דוד היחושים
= 1293 = 294 = מלכיצדק = מלכי צדק
= מלכי נולד בארץ = הוא הגיע נודל בארץ
= יודע המלכה בארץ

בת כל הנביאות = 926 = שם הויה
= אמהות הנביאות = האמהות נביאות
= תפלותי

בת כל הנביאות נולדה = 1021 = 22
= חי כל בית ישראל = אתכם = כתר ישעיהו
= ישעיהו יורדת = את יורדת = יחד

כל הצדיקים נולדים = 1569 = 570 = מלך = לי לך
 = כל הצדיקים מולידים = כל הצדיקים עמך מול דוד
= כל הצדיקים מלכים

כל הצדיקים נולדים בהוה = 1587 = 588 = מלך חי

כל הצדיקים נולדים יחד בהוה = 1609 = 610
 = ים = האדם = עמך = קבוץ אם

כל הצדיקים נולדים ביחד בהוה = 1611 = 612
=  ברית = קרן תורה = הרה בת