Thursday, August 28, 2008


In response to a couple of requests that I've received, I've begun to create a series of videos treating the Kabbalah, the true Kabbalah, which is none other than living a life of increasing loving-kindness and plumbing the depths of the Hebrew language, which is the gateway to Godconsciousness.

The first few parts of the series have been uploaded onto Google.

As of this evening, I'll have five parts on Google.

I'll be adding more as time allows.

Please be so kind as to start with this, the first part of the Intro.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

True Kabbalah - Path of the Just

There is so much misunderstanding about what the Kabbalah is.

In fact, the Kabbalah is a simple, straightforward programme of self improvement that arouses God above to infuse us with Supernal Wisdom insofar as we are able to integrate it.

The video I made is in three parts.

Here is a link to Pt. 1. It will lead you to the other two:


Sunday, August 10, 2008

For Anarchists and LeftLibs in Need of a Good Laugh

I just got this in the mail. I thought it so uproariously funny I just have to share it: [LeftLibertarian] What You're Not ReadingSaturday, August 9, 2008 11:43 PMFrom: "J. Neil Schulman" <>Add sender to Contacts To:

Over the past week I've rejected half a dozen messages.

One was about Biblical exegesis, which I rejected for being off topicfor this group.

Several were cross-postings from socialist websites to a bunch ofsocialist groups where, when I rejected it, the poster didn't evenknow what list he had submitted it to. But this idiot did take time to call me an authoritarian for not publishing his second-hand state socialist crap.

One was a direct commercial solicitation to sell DVD's -- and rejecting purely commercial messages was a policy instituted by this list's founder, SEK3. When he was running this list Sam rejected messages from me that he considered too directly commercial.

The latest message I rejected today was someone taking a pot shot at me - calling me xenophobic for my posting a link to a news report on Random House/Bertelsmann' s cowardly killing of an American novel they were about to publish with an author's publicity tour which might possibly have offended some intolerant Muslims.

Let me re-state this list's policy.

The MLL list is a moderated discussion group, and always has been, since SEK3 founded it.

Think of it as a newsletter with an editor. You want to get published here you have to write something which the editor (that's me) thinks is interesting, on topic, and which I think will interest the other participants in this list.

You bore me, you don't get published here.

You insult me, you don't get published here.

You send in something that has nothing to do with what I've decidedare the publishing goals of this list, you don't get published here.

I've already posted a bunch of topics that I would be interested in soit's no mystery of how to get published on this list.

There you go.


Friday, August 08, 2008


The J'm Post published one of those typical articles about Tzfat that make me want to barf.

It's here:

Ode to Tzfat

To which I responded, and lo and behold! the J'M editorial stuff published, this response:

About Did you visit Ofer, Shikma, TzaHa"L, parts of Cana'an and numerous other neighborhoods in Tzfat where the residents are so poor their houses are nowhere near as lovely as the tomb of Nachum Ish Gamzu? Do you think that HaShem is happy that the dead are housed in fine structures, while about half of Tzfat languishes in poverty and eat in gemachim (charities) and out of dumpsters while no one in the Old City care because they're too busy defiling themselves in graveyards? Enough with the revolting tum'ah (spiritual filth).

This is the work of the Masons, BTW, who are very active in Tzfat and have been for at least a couple of hundred years. Knowing that Tzfat is considered the Kabbalah center of the world, they have been busy little devils undermining Judaism for generations. They are continuing the work of destroying Judaism that Isaac Luria, a character with the same mindset as Ignatius Loyola, who was planted in Tzfat by the Catholic church, began 500 years ago.

A former Mayor of Tzfat told me that his great grandfather, whom he assured me was a very correct Chassid, which he proffered as "proof positive" that the Masons are not a cult, was a Mason. He said it was a political expediency. You couldn't be anything in Tzfat without being a Mason. You still can't be anything in Tzfat without being under the Rothschild's control. Let's not forget that Rosh Pina which James de Rothschild founded is a 7 minute drive from the outskirts of Tzfat.

The Freemasons' temple is housed in a very expensive old structure on the same street where the Ruth Rimonim hotel and a cultural center are to be found. Not a shabby address.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

בסיס הנתונים הביומטריים

נא להעביר לכל ישראלי

אם פלישה ללא תקדים בעולם זאת לפרטיות שלנו תעבור ותהיה לחוק; אם הממשלה תדרוש מאתנו למסור להם מידע ביומטרי אינטימי – תחת איום במאסר ובשלילת זכותנו לקבל ממדינת ישראל תעודת זהות או דרכון בגלל אי ציות – אזי, אומרת אני, נציית להם, ועוד איך!

על כל אחד לאכול כמות הגונה של חומוס או שעועית בטרם ילך אל משרד הפנים.

בהגיע תורך לגבות ממך את טביעות אצבעותיך וסריקת הזהות, עליך להגיש להם דגימה (רבתי) של צואה, שתן, זרע, טמפונים משומשים ו/או תחבושות היגייניות. אם יש לך דלקת באיברי המין, עליך לתת להם, בלי היסוס, דגימה גם מזה – או לחתוך את המפשעה מהתחתונים אותם לבשת יום שלם ולהגיש להם אותה. יש לתת להם גם ממחטות-נייר משומשות. האם בשעות הבוקר יש לך שיעול כבד המעלה גוש דחוס בגרונך? מצוין! יש להביא גם את זה. גם קונדומים משומשים יהיו לווית-חן.

הציפו את משרדיהם במעטפות המכילות שערות ערווה קצוצות. גלו מיהם חברי הכנסת הדתיים התומכים בחוק ושלחו להם במכתב ציפורניים קצוצות (הם שטופים באמונות-הבל בעניין זה).

גידשו את סניפי משרד הפנים בנתונים ביומטריים אינטימיים רבים ככל שתוכלו להפריש. מה לא נעשה כדי לעזור לבטחון הפנים?!

הבה נהיה כולנו אזרחים טובים; ניתן להם את כל מבוקשם – ועוד הרבה יותר! האם לא לכך מצפים מאתנו, אזרחים נאמנים, בסופו של דבר?

דורין אלן בל-דותן, צפת