Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Recognize an Anti-Semite Dissembling as an Anarchist

All a Fascist anti-Semite has to do to be accepted under cover of being an Anarchist is couch his or her anti-Semitism in Anarchist memes.

Who are these bigoted, racist Fascists dissembling as Anarchists?

They are non-Aboriginal, usually of European origin, and they  live in places with names like Wisconsin, Manhattan, Chattanooga, Seattle, Canberra, Ottawa, Tauranga…but they only apply the term 'occupation' to the Israelis. They have no intention of leaving the Native lands they are occupying even though they could go back to their country of origin and face no discrimination or persecution.

Or, they live in Europe and have nothing to say about the ex-pats from their countries who are occupying places with names like Honolulu, Cheyenne, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, Alaska, Dakota, Saskatchewan, Poughkeepsie….

They cannot name more than a handful of the 300 stateless Peoples in Europe and collectively they do not give the attention to all of the occupied Peoples in the world that they give to the "Palestinians".

They ignore the well-known fact that Palestine is what the Romans renamed Yehuda and Yisrael after they drove the Jews out. They don't know or don't want to know that the Semitic root  p-l-s, f-l-s, p-l-sh, f-l-sh means invader, squatter, one who breaks through, in *all* Semitic languages and no Semitic language-speaking person in their right mind would call themselves that.

If they are European they most certainly know that the name Zion is the code word for Germanic and British imperialism and is found in their national anthems. They ignore that fact.
See here:

Any positive word that is said about any Jew is met with: He (or She) is a Zionist Sympathizer! Jews are expected to be self-hating and deprecate their Culture and Traditions if they are to be accepted as Anarchists.

Recently, at a demonstration in the Ukraine; demonstrators held up mirrors to police to show them what they looked like. Many of the police, seeing their true image, were visibly distraught and some of them were rendered unfit to continue to serve as Fascists. One hopes that the bigoted Fascist anti-Semites among the Anarchists can muster the honesty and character that a policeman is capable of. I am talking about and to, conservatively, 95% of people who identify as Anarchists.

Is there a problem with occupation in Israel? Of course there is. But it is part and parcel of a worldwide programme of occupation and imperialism that originates in Europe and the problem has to be addressed on a worldwide basis. Any singling out the Jews for special treatment is anti-Semitism and moral depravity.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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