Saturday, August 28, 2010

LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) Attack

This is the lastest sounding of LRAD that I heard.

This was taped from my livingroom window.

Usually it's loudest from my bedroom, but as I was in the livingroom when it started and didn't want to lose seconds of taping; I ran to the window in that room.

It took a couple of second for me to get to the window with the camera to record.
So, the sound went on for exactly two minutes.

The sound appeared to be coming from the industrial area. But this is Shabbat and it was 5:35 am and the factories are all closed.

There are no parked cars back of our building. The parking area is in the front.
If you have any doubt that this is LRAD, watch and listen to this video of it's deployment in Pittsburg during the G20 demo:

You'll hear that it's the same sound except the frequency at the G20 demo was slightly higher.

Listen to it here: WARNING turn your speakers on a low volume, as the video opens with the sound from the start:

When I was uploading my video, I sat down in an easy chair, as my stomach hurt slightly.

Lula, my cat, came over to knead my stomach.

Now, more than an hour after being exposed my stomach hurts worse and I am nauseous.

As I wrote on Facebook, my Husband and I heard this at 10:50 am as well.
We have been hit with sonic weapons twice in an 18.5 hour period (that we are aware of). Bear in mind, if this goes into the ultrasonic or infrasonic, we don't know about it.
It has been suggested to us by a number of people that microwaves may be being deployed against us as well.
But the sonic beams are for sure, as this video attests.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There is NO EXCUSE for this Vile Shabta'ut

Punk Jews

We were warned by our Sages, of blessed memory, that the final generations would be confronted with a Judaism that is proundly compromised, infiltrated, flawed and that we would languish from thirst for real Torah, which is likened to living waters.

We were told by our Sages to hold on to that last precious thread of Torah knowledge that would be available in these dark times and persevere and know that HaShem would save us, Yes! even from this hardest of trials our People had ever endured, and bring us to a knowledge of Torah that was not theretofore known - not even by Moshe Rebbenu.

The fact that Judaism today is not glatt kosher is no excuse for revelling like pigs.

This is the time of the last sifting of the flour. The last sifting.



Punk Jews Party

Monday, August 02, 2010


Now that I understand what it is, I understand the phenomena they have been reporting.

MORGELLONS: Living Polymerization, RAFT, CSIRA, DUPONT and Nematodes