Thursday, October 28, 2010


The terrible truth must be known.

Many "Zionists" are not Jews at all, but, rather, Nazis who came into this country under
the assumed identity of the Jews they killed in Europe.

They are deeply entrenched in all of our systems.

Their hatred of the Jews never abated.

Yes, there is experimentation of the Jews in this country at the hands of these monsters.

The multi-national corporations, which essentially constitute Corporate States, and the State of Israel, inter alia, is vassal to, are most interested in human experimentation - the better to know how to control us and improve our productivity and increase our obedience.

The research is gleefully carried out by the Nazis who are embedded in our government, the military, the medical professions, R&D and so on.

The much-maligned Ofer Neighborhood of Tzfat is a research point (victims are always maligned to obviate any sympathy or empathy when they are abused). Situated
right next to the Rivka Ziv Hospital, the gentle, largely uneducated folk of the Ofer Neighborhood, are easy targets for experimentation.

Now that Tzfat has received an OK to build a medical school, a veritable gulag is being made of the Ofer Neighborhood of Tzfat.

This video explains the situation in brief:


Please watch my other videos for more explanation.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Israel