Friday, January 19, 2018

There Are, Among the Impostors, Real Jews in the State of Israel

Please understand that we carry within us the indelible memory of the Rule of David (the Lover who is also the Beloved, of God and Man alike).
Though the millennia go by, we cannot forget the Judgments of Judges like Yehoshua and OthniEl and D'vorah and Gid'on and Shimshon. We were do deeply impressed by their Love, their Moral Strength and their Courage and how they Championed us that though we forget many details of those days gone by, we yet remember Them.
We remember the Healing of our Bodies and our Minds by the kind and wise ministrations of HaCohenim.
We remember going to war against the enemies within our own Minds and Hearts and we remember how our Generals guided us through those fierce battles and brought us through alive.
For us, the real Jews in this state that bears the Name Israel, to have to witness corruption by our leaders, profound moral compromise and cowardliness among the magistrates, to have to serve in an army that hurts others rather than waging war with our own imperfections and have to be treated by physicians for whose practice is compromised by having to make a living constitutes Torture.
The government of the state that calls itself Israel but does not act in the ways of Israel is to us, the true Jews, an offense and an outrage of our Souls and an desecration of our Holy House.