Thursday, April 21, 2016

PESACH (Passage)

The correct interpretation of Pesach is Birth - every Birth. Every Birth is God, The Most High, birthing ItSelf. The Birth is Eternal and Continuous.

The Hebrew word Pesach is equal in value to the Hebrew word Netzach - which means both Victory and Eternity.

The "parting of the Red Sea" is the breaking of the amniotic sac and the outpouring of the amniotic fluid.

The word for Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzrayaim - which means narrowness. All birth is the emergence from relative narrowness to relative expansiveness.

Pesach is the miracle of Birth. It is a one-time phenomenon in the sense that every Birth is unique, but it is not a one-time event.

The name Pharaoh is numerically equal to the Hebrew word for thought. Pharaoh is thought. We must continually emerge from relatively constrained thought to continuously more expansive thought.

One of the highest levels of Birth than every Human Being must eventually accomplish is the emerging from being God hidden to God revealed. When that happens, the entire World is elevated to revealed Godliness.