Saturday, September 30, 2017

Like Circuses and Zoos, the Carnival of Politics has to be Closed Down for Humanitarian Reasons

Frank Zappa came very close to the truth when he said “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex”, but not close enough. The truth is worse.
The truth is politics is the circus and the zoo of the military industrial complex.
Some of the entertainers in the circus have real, unusual skills: like the acrobats and the tight rope walkers and the jugglers. They are kept on a tight chain of control.
Then there are the dangerous animals that have been brutally tamed to do tricks. They are kept on still shorter and more hobbling chains.
And then there is the freak show of the horrifically morally retarded, deformed and those missing moral limbs, who are put before to public to be laughed at and mocked. They needed be kept on chains. There is nowhere for them to go, no one who will hire them but the owners of the military-industrial complex's circus and zoo.
Like their counterparts in the circus, they are paid well for making a spectacle of themselves.
The very same people who would never mock a physically handicapped person, think nothing of pointing out politicians' infirmities to them and laughing at them with superiority. That is not right.
Circuses and zoos are cruel. We have to stop feeding the politicians the peanuts of making them think they have real power over us. They deserve the same compassion that all of the grossly deformed, retarded and incapacitated are entitled to.
We have to set them free and go about the long, difficult task of rehabilitating them and making them feel Human.
We have set the animals from the circuses free and we are speaking of closing all zoos. Some already have been closed. But everyone still seems to enjoy making a mockery of politicians. They deserve to be liberated and rehabilitated too.